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Nonionic polyacrylamide

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GreenPAM® Nonionic polyacrylamide

1. Product Characteristics
Nonionic polyacrylamide is a high polymer with high molecular weight and low ion density and
has the role of flocculating, dispersing, thickening, bonding, film forming, gelling and
colloid-stabilizing. PH value and salts will affect its flocculation very little. The effect is better
than that of the anionic polymer in acidic wastewater treatment.
2. Product Indicators




White particles

Solid Content%


Degree of Hydrolysis%


Molecular Weight (million)


Water Insoluble (%)


Residual Monomer%


Dissolution Timeh


3. Usage
Used as flocculant in industrial wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment, oilfield
profile control water shutoff additives, drilling fluid additives, paper-making additives, etc.
4. Instruction
1. Generally the product is prepared into 0.05%-0.5% (W/W) solution standby.
2. When dissolving, disperse this product uniformly, stirring can facilitate dissolution.
3. Avoid using dissolution tanks or pools made of metal and other materials that can affect
water quality.
5. Product Packaging
The product is packed in polyethylene plastic-lined bags, 25kg/bag. Shelf life is one year.
6. Notes
The product is easy to absorb moisture, so please pay attention to keeping it dry during
storage. It should be placed in a ventilating and dry warehouse, preventing it from moisture
and rain. Never have it exposed to air.

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